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A Report on the Fall of Communism Published 1990

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1990 Report

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I know you knew my father. He had always been a big supporter of your work. He would do his part in homeschooling me part-time and show me your work on how the world functions. He passed, and I greatly appreciate your kindness in paying your respects. I’m sure he smiled from above, knowing you took the time to remember him.

I scanned this report of yours from June 1990, just a few months after you forecast the fall of Communism at the end of 1989. You have been teaching the world for a long time. I think it is time the world recognized you.

Thank you


1990 Report Conclusion

REPLY: Thank you so much. I have tried to collect all the reports issued over the last 45 years. I will always remember your father and hope he can see I am smiling back at him. Good people are hard to find these days.