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Fanni Willis & Her Lover Wade Met with White House BEFORE They indicted Trump

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Recusal 28 USC 455

The standard for RECUSAL is if their actions of “impartiality might reasonably be questioned.” There is not a single case against Trump where it cannot be “reasonably” questioned as to what is going on. These people are so corrupt, they will NEVER recuse themselves and this is how nations collapse. Once the Rule of Law no longer functions, then the very basis of any civilization no longer makes sense.

Soros US must fall

These people think they can change the morals and culture of the United States, and we will simply surrender all our rights and integrity. That assumption preexisted in virtually every government before it collapsed. These people have no idea what they are tearing apart. What do they think they will rule over? Ashes of what once was? We have been invaded, and nobody seems to be willing to speak the truth. Mainstream media, you are presiding over the very destruction of yourselves. You will not convince 50% of the people to think the way you are your evil masters and lords have so brainwashed you into turning against our very identity.