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Wind Farms Frozen in Texas & Europe Bezos Should be Better than Gates & Zuckerberg Put Together

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Texas Frozen Wind Farms


These environmentalists never understand that wind turbines will freeze and solar panels will be buried in snow. They seriously think that somehow renewable energy can replace fossil fuels. Even the electric buses in Germany froze. It is bad enough that they try to reduce the entire cyclical patterns in the weather to CO2 and ignore all the scientific evidence that weather is far more complex than they ever imagined. It is like a market crash. Every investigation since the Panic of 1907 begins with the hunt for some mythical short-player who brought the entire market and economy crashing down. As always, nobody has ever been found in the past 100 years of such investigation.



Just perhaps since Gates and Zuckerberg are both dropouts, perhaps they skipped physics class. Bezos went to Princeton University and graduated in 1986 with a B.S.E degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I took those same fields. He should know adding a cycle to electricity converting it from Direct Current to Alternating Current also applies to the rest of the world. And coming from Computer Science, he should also know that you can not create a random number generator for it will always return to a cycle.

Hello! Bezos, you should be better than Gates and Zuckerberg put together!