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Wholesale Plagiarism?

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COMMENT:  Good Day; Received this in my mail. Bloody Trolls! I hope you are not affiliated as they are in Florida also. Is this website allowed to use names like Martin Armstrong and Larry Edelson? The voice sounds like the guy who bailed on you in “The Forecaster” but “had the hair stand on the back of his neck” when you called a date.



REPLY: I believe these people have stolen my track record to solicit people for who knows what. I am not affiliated in any way with these people. I knew Larry Edelson and he did not forecast the Crash of 1987 to the day and he never made any such claim. The only way that could have been done was with the ECM. I am not involved with these people and I will refer it to our lawyers. I believe they are tarnishing Larry’s reputation in using his name in this manner because all the other newsletters they have marketed have proven to be inaccurate and use marketing tactics with aggressive claims of success that you would have made a pile of money had you followed their advice. NOBODY ever follows anyone blindly and NOBODY should!!!!

In the film the Forecaster Larry expressly states that my forecast was the only one correct. I believe they are plagiarizing our forecasts and I believe they are trying to use our track record counting on the fact that Larry passed away attributing false claims to him. I do not believe he would agree with this use of his name. One would think his family would be very upset for the damage to Larry’s reputation. The voice is nobody I know.