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Where Does the Future Lie?

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QUESTION:  Are you more worried about a 1984 esque future or A Brave New World esque future?

Orwell_GeorgeANSWER: Unfortunately, the two go hand in hand. George Orwell simply took the past and laid out what government ALWAYS gravitates toward – total control. We live in a delusion with our brains filled with propaganda. Over the years, I have encountered comments from people who ask, “Why would anyone want to live outside the USA? We are the greatest nation on earth!” I typically reply, “Have you ever traveled outside the country?” The response is telling: “No. What’s the point?”

Perhaps I am the doubting Thomas. I went through Checkpoint Charlie into East Germany before the wall fell because I really wanted to see what was true and what was false. You cannot just accept the indoctrination of society as it is systemic.

So what George Orwell wrote was not pure fiction; no more than “Star Wars” being based on nothing. “Star Wars” is the epic battle between the Republic and Imperialism that dominated the Roman period going into the 1st century AD. They just changed it to planets and updated the swords to light sabers. In the case of Orwell, he took history and postulated what would happen in a modern context. He was only off in terms of technology advancement.

PASSPORT ROMANSo the bottom line is both will unfold. However, you cannot reach the second without causing pain with the first. With the NSA and socialism, you have seen terrorism used as the excuse to further the control of society so we cannot buy or sell anything ultimately without government approval. The IRS can revoke your passport if it even THINKS you owe more than $50,000 in taxes, fines, or penalties. You cannot travel on a train, plane, or ship, no less stay in a hotel without providing photo ID or in many cases possess a passport. So why do we need a passport, which can be revoked if we owe taxes, to travel? Well, passports were invented by the Romans and appeared in the 3rd century AD when government was in fiscal ruin. If everything was the Roman Empire, what was the purpose of a passport? It was to prove you paid your taxes and were free to travel.

Crash & BurnHistory repeats because the passions of humanity never change from one century to the next. We MUST move closer to absolute oppression in order for the silent majority to get angry and demand change. So until that tipping point is reached, be prepared to lose any concept of human rights you thought you once had. We are not living the “dream” but the nightmare of history. Only when it gets bad enough will we see the change toward the light of the second. Hence, this is why I do what I do, and it is why I say we first must crash and burn. Open your eyes. It is happening. If you understand the pattern, you will survive. If you want to leave a better world for your children, that is ONLY possible by identifying the trend in order to change it. History is our map to the future.