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We All Act in Our Self-Interest

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Self Interest

Dear Martin and Socrates,
I have been following you two for many years, often with a byrds eye view. What happens here on earth is in conformity with never failing cosmic laws. Things MUST happen even if we don’t like it. Dark,evil times must come wherefrom good prosperous times can emerge and thus push evolution forward – only to be followed by darker times and then even better and more prosperous times than before that, and so it goes on and on in never ending, never failing cycles. Understanding this can make us live WITH inescapable, inevitable changes we must face, not AGAINST them.
Socrates is telling us what has happened and he tells us what will happen so we can act accordingly, even giving precise dates. Never a harsh word, never favoring anyone, never keeping secrets to himself he just informs us. He’s there for everybody: traders, dealers, bankers, real estaters, climatists, farmers, governments, ordinary folks for whatever reason.
He is a guiding beacon. His motives are only for the best of mankind. He speaks nothing but the truth. This is very thoughtful and kind. Isn’t this the most humane one can do?
Of course Socrates is nothing without his maker. What has been said above is about Martin Armstrong. He is the beacon. He is the one who is thoughtful and kind. He must care immensly for next door neighbor and humankind. (Isn’t this the greatest of all commands?)
A very humane human indeed!
Thank you, guys!

Smith Invisible Hand

REPLY: Thank you very much for your comment. Keep in mind that we all act out of our own self-interest. We are all in this together. Many people see this as evil. But by acting in our own self-interest, we make the entire system work.

The famous speech that “Greed is Good” delivered by Michael Douglas in “Wall Street” has a lot of truth to it, for it is not just greed with respect to money. Greed to make money is also the mother of all invention. Communism failed because it removed all creation from the individual and centralized that in government, which is removed from the people. Watch the movie “Mr. Jones.” Stalin’s communism failed. They went from a productive society to collapse. To hide that truth, he stole the food from Ukraine and killed more than 7 million people. Stalin’s self-interest was to cover-up the failure of Communism. Countless people died to pretend communism worked.

Imagine 2

My personal self-interest is the desire to live in peace and to have a nice future for my family. What I do, I am compelled to do. It is not for money, or I would be selling advertising on the sites or go back to funds management. I have been fortunate enough not to need the money, and that has given me the freedom to explore what I envisioned. This is what governments cannot do despite believing they are all-powerful. They cannot use imagination to create something new since they have no actual mind.


Consequently, we are always confronted by the left, which insists upon controlling everything. In the process, they destroy the best of humanity — our imagination and creativity. They pursue unrealistic goals that always denigrate human individuality. This is why I do not see how a one-world government is even feasible because no matter what body of people you bring together, there is always a division who sees the glass half-full or half-empty. This is what drives the left mad. They demand conformity.

JapanCapitalFlow M1987

What motivates me, I would say, boils down to two aspects. First, my desire for freedom and to be left alone. Second, I have witnessed the markets do not move on actual fundamental news as much as they move on perception and anticipation. It was the lack of news that led to the 1987 Crash when nobody could understand what was happening and wild rumors emerged that Europe was invaded by Russia to rumors that the president was shot with a bullet dipped in poison. It was simply capital flows, and people feared the dollar would fall another 40%.

AI Artificial


I have always been interested in Artificial Intelligence and have witnessed countless times how governments make decisions without researching if those actions have been successful in the past. I wanted to create Socrates to offer us guidance that was totally unbiased and would provide a road map for the future. Perhaps if we listened to such a system, we would not be creating madness and chaos, which will only lead to the inevitable crash. We cannot alter the cycles, but I believe we can help smooth out the extreme moves and seek a new age of better management for all. This is in my self-interest, for my family and their future, long after I am gone.