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Understand the Models – Bringing it All Together

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Roman decline silver content monetary system - Armstrong Waterfall effect

QUESTION: Marty; You do not reply just on cycles. Your Reversal System is incredible. That seems to be something nobody can match. Then you also use your proprietary technical analysis and your Global Market Watch is purely pattern recognition that is also highly unusual. So I am correct in that no single model produces the end result. This is all a flat model and then you correlate everything in the world through your capital flow analysis. Am I understanding this correctly?


ANSWER: Yes. You cannot accomplish such forecasts without the database. The chart of the monetary system of Rome alone would cost over $100 million to produce today. That was only possible by gathering the largest and most complete collection of coinage ever assembled in the world. Just this single gold coin of Saturninus would bring today probably $5 million+. There are only two: the one in our collection and the other is in the Louve. This coin proved that “Historia Augusta” was genuine and not a fake account of history as academics argued until these two coins were discovered in Egypt.

ANAL-FractalNow, it would be impossible to forecast the rise and fall of empires, nations, and city-states without a database of the world monetary system to determine just how fast things unfold. Anyone mimicking our forecasts are just charlatans. Ask them how they arrived at such a conclusion. Did God speak to them in the middle of the night?

Putting this all together is what produces the final outcome. Then it is all worked out based upon the fractal nature of the universe, which drills right down to markets that are propelled by human nature. So, exactly how does one accomplish all of this without massive computing power?

Everything, globally, must be back-tested. How could one person on a shoestring possibly do this? It just is an impossible task no matter what fancy name someone gives their program or pretends it is artificial intelligence. They run the risk of discrediting the entire field, and in doing so, they are dooming society along with themselves. They have nothing to offer, yet they make claims and demand more money.

This is entirely a physics based model whereby everything in the universe complies with the same laws. Even the Global Market Watch proves that everything taught in schools was wrong in economics. It proves that the same patterns unfold across all markets. Therefore, it is humanity which is the common denominator, not individual markets. Hence, all the fundamental explanations fall to the floor and crumble into dust because markets move in anticipation of events that may not even occur. People were betting big that Britain would not vote to leave the EU. They were wrong. We had people aware that when Reagan won he was a hawk and would start world war II. They too were wrong just as they are in all the nonsense they are spinning about Trump. Human anticipation moves markets and fundamentals are nonsense. We watch markets all the time and traders have concluded – buy the rumor and sell the news.