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The Path of Order Rather than Chaos Leads to Understanding

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1 ECM 2032

COMMENT:  If gravity is the most powerful force in the universe than the logic would collapse ECM to and that is not how reality is as you have discovered in the ECM.

Gravity / Government / the weakest force in the universe, Gravity is opposite Electromagnetic Majority people are opposite government
the more powerful Majority in the Market will always create the trend, not the weaker gravity / government that is the basic tenet of the ECM and the Electric Universe This is also why the Sovereign Debt Crisis will bring Gov. Deb to 0

It is then a Fallacy to Appeal to Authority of Relativity, You Marty have shown
Time is simply the observation of ratios between multiple series of events and is the only Constant, the past can not be changed or manipulated.

I can accurately predict future events, by observing past events, and noting the ratios of events in time 8.6(9) year frequency with the 1.075(1.3) year short leg and the 2.15(2.6) (1.3 +2.6=3.9) year Long leg to volatility wave/ change in trend PI 3.1415(3.2) This allows me to have confidence in where I am in time and to accurately predict future events with consistent success.

Tesla said, “pay attention to the 3, 6, and 9 and think frequency, vibration, energy”. He saw the world as it was, rather than how he wanted it to be, he was aware of the principle of the ECM, as the Maya and other ancient civilizations.



Beach Spectacular


REPLY: I believe you have expressed it very well from a physics perspective. Well done! I live on the beach and am in awe of the sunsets every day. This is a photo I took on one stunning day. Observing the universe and how everything functions in a choreographed play is amazing. I have often said that my physics teacher said nothing is random. God does not play dice with the universe. My economics professor emphasized that everything was random and therefore the government was needed to manipulate the chaos to smooth everything out so we have a better life. I realized right then and there that one of my professors was lying. I followed the path of order; not the one of chaos and randomness. I am always amazed at how precise things really are. There are no random walks down Wall Street.