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The Closed Mind Discovers Nothing but Bias

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A number of people have been writing in to say how they just discovered the mathematical constant π (pi) in a quantum mechanics formula for the energy states of the hydrogen atom. This is truly astonishing proving this is a fundamental cornerstone of nature.

While I discovered the existence of pi in the business cycle, it has been widely discovered in many other fields. What this proves is precisely what I have been saying all along — there is an interesting order being masked as chaos. This hidden order is fundamental to everything. This hidden order behind chaos or the appearance of randomness has led many to assume that the world is subject to our will, and therefore, we can manipulate everything to do as we desire, including the economy (Marxist-Keynesianism). This is just not true. There is a hidden order behind everything if we just explore.

Wallis JohnIn his book “Arithmetica Infinitorum”, the British mathematician John Wallis defines π as the product of an infinite string of ratios made up of integers. There have been many so-called analysts who simply say that I am wrong and pi has nothing to do with markets. Yet they argue for phi, Fibonacci, chart patterns, and so on.

There is far more order in the structure of the universe and everything within it than meets the eye. We are still exploring and pi is coming up in many fields, which has surprised numerous people. They are no different from the critics who claimed that the world was not round since they could not understand how you would stand upside down without falling off a ball. Hence, the world had to be flat.