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The Battle in Methodology

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1981 Arizona Beach Front

COMMENT: Marty; Your report on the cyclical methodology v academic is excellent. You should put that out as a book on Amazon. Your examples of this absurdity are numerous yet nobody in the media would dare publish this.

Thank you for being the voice in a world that is becoming darker by the day


2020 Cyclical v Linear

REPLY: The Dark Age was marked by a lack of knowledge. The term “Dark Ages” was coined by an Italian scholar named Francesco Petrarch. He applied the term as a designation for the lack of cultural advancement in Europe during the medieval period. We have certainly entered a new Dark Age where the media seeks to keep us blind to the truth. I tried to provide the source of all our problems. I highlighted these crazy forecasts from the one that stated we had five years left to live to 3 million Americans would die from a virus they may have even created. Not a single forecast has EVER been correct, yet the press continues to use them as scare tactics to terrorize the people, ensuring they lose their jobs while patting each other on the back for an excellent job of FAKE NEWS. I have tried to provide a report that goes into detail on the methodology being used so I priced it at just $4.95.