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Phase Transitions in Nature – An Exploding Star

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Be it nature or politics, everything dies in a Phase Transition. The fall of communism in 1989 was abrupt and swept from China to Russia within a matter of months. Western political systems will simply collapse by this same process. Everything dies in an explosive Phase Transition. It is said when you die you see your entire life flash before your eyes in a Phase Transition of your consciousness coming to an end like a massive computer crash.

There is no exception to this phenomenon. We live in a sheltered world that assumes man can control the economy and society. We simply cannot accomplish this miracle because we always self-destruct since people do not participate enough and that encourages politicians to wallow in corruption. Those in power leave super rich because they steal and nobody says anything. They write laws to exempt themselves in the same way that Congress is exempt from insider trading. When the people become angered by their theft, those in government are shocked with horror and become indignant. They never see that their corruption creates revolution that seemingly erupts from nowhere.

We will see Western political systems collapse in this same manner in the blink of an eye. For this giant red star, 500 times the size of our sun, its end came swiftly after exploding in about 20 minutes. While life may be measured in billions of years, death comes swiftly to everything. Death in all systems comes very rapidly when you cross the point of no return.

A reader sent this in for everyone to grasp. Job well done.