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PE Ratio

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PE Ratio


COMMENT: Marty, I have never seen anyone look at the PE Ratio in that manner. The research you do is amazing. Many call you the “source”. I wonder how long it will take to see others claiming this is their analysis. I give them 24 hours.



COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Awesome answer .. and I should have seen it from that perspective after all you have said and taught us. Old concepts die hard!
Thank you!


Baby Cries Happy Tears

PS.Speaking of learning new things especially about the human race: as a physician I would never have thought this baby’s reaction was possible. Truly powerful and beautiful. Hope you have time to watch; I think you will appreciate it. It’s about 2 minutes.

REPLY: I have heard many call me that. It is the product of creating a computer that monitors everything and then reveals things that no one has ever thought of. The advantage of a computer is the lack of bias and prejudice. It returns things based upon the data. Simple as that. Most cannot shed their prejudice to really explore freely.

It is really astonishing to show such emotion at such a young age. I agree. I too would never have thought that was possible. It does go to show that there is always something new to explore and learn. We never know everything. How boring life would be if that were the case. As they say, when there is nothing left to learn, it is time to die.