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Fractional v Transactional Banking

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It is amazing how some people still do not understand. Some of the nasty comments we receive typically talk about gold, arguing that gold is money – nothing else – and I am dead wrong for saying that fractional banking is not the greatest evil.

Example: “You talk about transitional banking that is wrong, I call BULLSHIT…It is wrong but fractional banking is the thieved of my labor.”

Don’t worry. Move to Europe where there are no new jobs amid massive taxation, all because they think money is a store of value, so AUSTERITY is the name of the game. The banks were just fined $5.7 billion for manipulating markets (WHICH IS TRANSACTIONAL BANKING), yet you still do not understand statistics that show that there is well over $2 trillion parked by banks at the Fed in Excess Reserves, collecting 0.25% because they are NOT lending which is Fractional Banking. All I can say is dream on. Stay in your little bubble and cry about how you are the victim, for you sure as hell will never see the light of day, the problem we face, or the solution.

PS. I do not post this type of nonsense, it is a waste of time for those who actually understand what is really going on. Sorry that you are too blind to see that the banks structure products and resell them. They get away from fractional banking and enjoy quick profits now – why wait 15 years until a loan is finally paid? You live in a world of arguments that are decades old; constantly regurgitated by people who are clueless, for they have ZERO experience in any field but bullshit.