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Dutch Do Not Tolerate Freedom of Speech

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Geert Wilders

The Dutch are destroying the last vestiges of our liberty under the pretense of protecting it. They are putting a right-wing Dutch politician named Geert Wilders on trial for what they call inciting hatred and discrimination against the Dutch Moroccan minority. This is a legal contest that will destroy civilization itself and unravel everything we once held fundamental to freedom. Wilders argued that calling Morrocans “scum” is protected by his right to freedom of speech. The government prosecutors are looking, as always, to advance their careers no matter what the cost to society is.“Freedom of expression is not absolute, it is paired with obligations and responsibilities, the responsibility not to set groups of people against each other,” declared lead prosecutor Wouter Bos.

This legal position is unbelievable. Acting out some physical harm is one thing. To call someone a name is a basic human interaction that starts from the school yard all the way up. The prosecutors want to be famous. Well, they will go down in history as the team that pulled the foundation stone out and the whole thing collapsed. This is the core of communism. Children under communism were raised to believe that the STATE was their parent, and if their biological parent said anything against the STATE they should be reported. Without freedom of expression, nothing else can exist. There cannot be any truth for to say what you think becomes a crime. It is time that governments have simply gone way too far. They should just take everything we have, hand out a daily sack of beans, rags for clothes, and get it over with. I suppose they could imprison Trump for life with thought crimes.