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Dominoes – Key to Economic Survival

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QUESTION: Marty; Will you be going over the type of monetary reform you see coming and how to position oneself for this and when it should arrive? What do you think about the SDR proposed by some replacing the dollar? Any response as to why you always seem to be right?


See you in Hong Kong

ANSWER: I had originally proposed the SDR system to replace the dollar back in 1985 as an alternative to G5 (now G20). (see letter to Reagan). You will also see that reply from the White House rejecting that idea. Today, the IMF has become so corrupt, I would no longer support such a system.

Nevertheless, the world economy is going to explode. Politicians are clueless today far worse than ever before. I could have had intelligent conversations 30+ years ago. Today, they are mostly lawyers and rarely do you encounter anyone with common sense.

Yes we will be going over this at the Hong Kong WEC in addition to markets and how to see this coming as well as the timing. Everything is falling in place and it certainly looks as if we will get the hard landing in Europe after 2017 concludes this year from Political Hell. Beware, the stock market is not in crash mode despite what all these perpetual bears proclaim.

Domino Government Intervention

I have been asked many times, how is it possible to be right on so many markets?  It is easy. I keep telling everyone that everything is connected. So, if you can get the first domino correct, you will get all the others correct as well.

Mistakes come in forecasting when you try to forecast a single market ignoring the rest of the world. The wildcard always comes from the outside and you will be unprepared.

Government intervention has ALWAYS failed. It has NEVER succeeded even one time to change the long-term outcome. They stick their hand into the dominoes and think they can stop that one thing because they too do not comprehend how everything is connected. It is not a question of guessing correctly. That is what these WEC events are all about. If you walk away with the understanding how everything is connected, then you can have the confidence to act only if you understand the sequence. When we forecast that the stock market would rally to new record highs, most thought I was crazy. Barron’s reported the forecast tongue in cheek.

Dominoes-1Just look at how everything aligned. Gold peaked showing that the fear in the collapse of banking subsided as was the case with government. The peak in the Euro lined up with the bottom in the Dow as deflation prevailed. If the trend would reverse, then all three markets had to perform like dominoes.

This sequence is still in motion. My objective in these WEC events is to teach you how to see it, and that inspires confidence, which in turn means you will be able to survive it.