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Computer Demands Humility

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Armstrong 1985 IBM XT Australia

Armstrong 1985 with IBM XT

COMMENT: Fantastic examples in the final version (free-markets-are-natures-design). You need to keep connecting the dots until the person finally sees something, even if it isn’t the whole. Then again, can anyone see the whole? I find it fascinating that the computer gives you dates (dots), but you have to wait until you see how they connect… Demands humility.

REPLY: The markets definitely keep you humble. They are an endless teacher. The majority buy the high and sell the low simply because they react emotionally. It is like that heard of zebra I talk about. One zebra on the edge sees a lion and begins to run. The whole herd starts to run but never saw the lion. They run because every other zebra is running and thus really have no idea if he actually saw a lion or just thought he did. We are no different. Here’s one example:

“You are wrong. You will be embarrassed because gold will be over $2,000 in a matter of weeks. You cannot keep it down any more.”

Such emails do not even warrant the time to respond. They reflect a total lack of intelligence to separate from the herd and objectively look at what they are even saying. This is why the majority fuels the markets with human emotions that create the herd reaction. They just have to be wrong and that creates the cycle. The only thing I can do is hopefully show enough people the reality, not to simply make money, but to save society when the time comes for it is coming. You can see it everywhere from central banks desperately taking rates negative, to Trump rising the polls merely because the majority are becoming fed-up with the corruption in politics that is robbing them of their future.

The computer is an objective teacher. It has taught me much more than any human could have ever done.