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Analysts v News Chasers

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QUESTION: I am beginning to see the light. It seems as though when gold rallies strong, the sentiment is reflected in these gold promoters. Then gold drops and they preach the same thing again. This leads them to buy every high and in fact they are merely cheering the news and are not analysts at all. They are not objective in any way. So are they just news chasers?

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ANSWER: Yes, of course. They act more like the most novice investor just starting out. Their forecasts are based solely on emotions, and they try to look for fundamentals to fit their predetermined conclusion. We are all human and that means we are subject to the same human frailties as everyone else. So, when these people see a strong price move, it is their emotion that takes over and the forecast is not connected to reality. They are convinced about a single theory. They are incapable of learning because advancing in knowledge requires admitting mistakes.

These type of people claiming to be analysts give the field a bad name because they are by no means analysts, but simply news followers. They think something has to have a reason behind every move. This is where they are dead wrong. Markets move in ANTICIPATION of future events. This is why professionals say, “Buy the rumor and sell the news.” It really does not matter if the event is real or not. If people THINK it may happen, they will act accordingly in ANTICIPATION. Deutsche Banks shares crashed because people ANTICIPATED it would collapse. They did not wait for a formal announcement, as it would have been too late to act. So they act, expecting something might happen. In the case of bank runs, that fear can lead to actual bank failure even the rumor was false.