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A Light Has Gone Off

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I want to thank you for you have been correct on every market demonstrating that everything is explicitly connected. What you have taught me is more than just trading a single market to make money. You have taught me how to see the world and connect the dots. I can see the light. You cannot be correct on gold, S&P to one point, the Euro, Dax, Trump, Brexit and China, without creating such a tool to monitor everything.

Of course, I met someone who is obviously incapable of understanding markets at all. He said you are not a forecaster because you say on the one hand the market can go up and it will tell us, but on the other hand it can go down and it will tell us. When I said you just have to look at the Reversals and your long-term timing has been impeccable and it does not change every week. He has no idea about markets and expects someone to say just buy or sell with no interest in learning about anything. I tried to explain to him but it goes in one ear and out the other. Yes he was a goldbug and when I said what about 1362, he acted like you never said that. I see what you mean that the majority of people are followers incapable to learning anything. We need such fools to trade against. I get that now. Don’t bother trying to convince them. Just trade against them like the bankers do.

I understand why they went after you and even why they tried to say you manipulate the world economy when the bankers lost. I found it interesting how that guy in the movie checked you out and Goldman Sachs said they thought they could take you out trading against you but you usually won. Nobody has been able to accomplish what you have. The fact the press does not utter a single word about your accomplishment only further shows how deeply corrupt the entire system has become. One would think the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal would be touting your accomplishments to say may be there is a better way. They do not because they are part of the problem to maintain society in check for government.

Please keep up the good fight. You truly have made a light go off.

I do not know how to say thank you enough.


InvisibleHand (2)

REPLY: It is very good to hear from so many people who are starting to look at the world in a connected manner. I have been behind the curtain for more than 30 years advising multinationals and governments from Europe to Asia. No one has had more of a front row seat than me on a global level. This has revealed to me that we are all connected and it is indeed Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand that guides everything. True, the press do not want to interview me because if the Invisible Hand works, then how can we manipulate the world? It’s all on autopilot guided by the divine grand design of everything. How would government function if politicians could not promise the impossible and people remain ignorant of that fact? The press cannot report our forecasts. They simply cannot do so without confronting the hand that feeds them.

We stand at the threshold of a new dawn. I took that picture of the sunrise over Central Park in New York. It reminds me how insignificantly we are to even think we can alter the grand design of how everything works from the economy to the climate.

BTW – there always has to be the person who cannot see. He can look at only one market and say well if this is elected it goes up and that it goes down. He cannot make the connection that gold peaked and went down simultaneously we also forecast that Dow would make new highs and the euro would decline. Each market fed into the other. He is blind and that is just fine. For cycles to exist, there must always be two sides.

Happy New Year