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60% of Americans Now Want a 3rd Party – Good Bye Republicans & Democrats

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LHSUSA Y Array 9 25 2020

Right on time, Our computer has been forecasting the political trends amazingly. I have warned that Socrates targeted 2022 as a Panic Cycle in Politics. The Biden Administration is turning the country upside down claiming climate change must be stopped instantly. Yet the severe cold this winter is also right on time as our models have also called for the high in the global warming trend and a turn back down with colder weather as we saw the peak in the energy output of the sun. This winter, it was so cold in Germany, the electric busses stopped working and the lack of wind combined with snow that has buried solar panels has left people freezing.

Here again, is yet another forecast unfolding that we would see a split in both the Democrats and the Republicans where we may see a merger form into a third party. The latest polls now show that 60% of Americans are fed up with politics and want a third party to stand against both the Republicans and Democrats. Never since the Great Depression has our model projected Panic Cycles in politics for 2022 and 2024.


Socrates has outperformed everyone. Besides forecasting this election was razor-thin, Trump would win in 2016 as well as BREXIT right down to the shift in real estate that prices would decline in urban centers and shift to suburban, it has projected the major trends beyond what any human person could possibly ever do.

Barrons 062012 876x1024

Even back in 2010 when we warned we were entering a bull market in equities, Barron’s laughed. They never called for a follow-up because they never believed we would be correct back then. Why? Those in mainstream media do not want to hear how a computer can write reports or forecast things humans cannot. They would not know how they explain every move the market makes with the same old nonsense. So much for advancing technology.

GME Q GMW 2 4 2021

Socrates even picked-up on GameStop. 

COVID Triumvirate R 584x1024

There is something about just allowing the data to speak for itself. We are headed into political chaos into 2032. The fiscal mismanagement of government is off the charts and now we have this unholy Triumvirate that has screwed up the entire world because they fear climate change and never bothered to really do the research beyond 1850. They have convinced governments to back their Great Reset and now even Dr. Fauci appears in Schwab’s videos talking about inequality as the real crisis. Where is his expertise or the fact that had Greta Thunberg even appearing on panels for Coronavirus?

Socrates Computer Room

So while mainstream media is desperate not to let people even know that a computer can forecast anything, the trend is the trend regardless of whatever I post.