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The New Star Trek & World War III

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A lot of people have written in to ask if I have been consulted for the Star Trek series or if some have used our forecast to write scripts. I have not consulted on Star Trek. If people are tapping into our computer forecasts for ideas, I cannot confirm nor deny that. I understand that connection to our model and I can say an awful lot of people do tune in to Socrates.

They have nailed it on the head – it began with January 6th and the rigged election that has set all of this in motion. The three main objectives of eliminating our freedom are (1) removing Trump, (2) removing Putin, and (3) removing Xi. The United Nations is already claiming that COVID deaths were really 10x greater than reported. They are fabricating that to justify global authority for WHO to regulate worldwide freedom. The US and the EU have declared war on Russia but are using Ukrainians as pawns on the battlefield. Even Pelosi has declared there will be no peace – only victory.

Let’s hope their visual forecast of the future is not so dramatic. If it makes people think twice – it is fantastic. My fear is that those pulling the strings connected to the mouths of world leaders just for once stop with this nonsense of a Great Reset and let’s sit down and revise the world economy in a rational manner.