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Machine Learning

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QUESTION: Hi, how are you? I hope you fine. I work with business intelligence for 9 years until now, and I’m decided improve my skills on Machine Learning field. I have searched for studies programs in universities, etc, but have found nothing, honest and simple, to be compared by thoughts, oppnions and views from Mr. Armstrong on his website. I would like to know whether there is Artificial Intelligence study program by Armstrong Economics available. I’m REALLY INTERESTED on it.

Cheers from Brazil.

JS Data Analyst

ANSWER: Machine learning is the cutting-edge science of programming computers to act without being expressly programmed to act in a specific manner. Over the last decade, machine learning has opened the door to efficient speech recognition, effective web searches such as Google, and self-driving cars. Machine learning is changing the way we interact with computers and has become so embedded in many aspects of technology today that you probably use it numerous times each day without even knowing you are using it.

True machine learning is the way to the future where we can achieve human-level computers without emotion. There are machine learning techniques I have developed that are strictly proprietary, and I am implementing them to accomplish a comprehensive way of managing the understanding of the global economy and how everything fits together to create a dynamic working composite that has moved beyond theoretical underpinnings of learning. Trying to expand these techniques into other fields including medicine would be a nice long-term goal. I do not offer any course on how to do this. The practical know-how is extensive and attempting to apply these techniques to new problems in other fields is time consuming. I’m not even sure I could get to all these in one lifetime.

Once we launch, then we may be open for some apprenticeships. Right now, unfortunately, we have space only for those who have some experience in this field of machine learning. We are functioning at probably light years ahead of anyone in the field of finance or economics. Trying to write something from scratch would take years if not more than a decade. Then you have to have the track record for serious money to even think about using it. We have the reputation, track record, and the outright experience in this field. These are not things that can be duplicated so easily.

So right now, unfortunately, experience is necessary in machine learning to join our team. We do not offer courses just yet. Perhaps one day.