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Armstrong Speaking at HackMiami 2016 Convention

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Forecaster-The-Movie - R“The Forecaster” will be shown this year at the Hack Miami 2016 Conference, which I will be speaking at. The long arm of government seeks to grab technology and what they are willing to do is becoming highly dangerous to society and threatens our very freedom. The demand that I turn over the source code to our computer program named Socrates was probably the first such endeavor. The demands to control technology have not subsided with their very high profile demands made against Apple to break their own encryption so that the government has access to everything. Of course, whatever the government demands is not in the best interest of society for cracking encryption will mean that the security of payment transactions and banking will crumble to the ground.

This will be a special presentation of “The Forecaster” for the programming industry. It is an honor to be invited to speak this year after coding for my entire adult life.