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Money Talks with Michael Campbell Featuring Martin Armstrong

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Tune in to Martin Armstrong’s discussion with Michael Campbell from Money Talks.

We have entered a vortex of absolute insanity where we are experiencing deflation and inflation simultaneously — you’ll never read about this in economics books.

Capital flows according to confidence. Now, the money will vote on who they have confidence in, and movements in capital cannot be rigged. While those in power can manipulate an individual market within a certain parameter, they can never change the entire global trend.

We have entered the Monetary Crisis Cycle that Socrates stated was due in 2021. Governments can no longer continue to fund themselves as they have in the past. Although some may point to the Federal Reserve as a leading culprit, the US central bank has the ability to create money unilaterally. Other central banks such as the European Central Bank do not and must seek Parliament’s approval before making decisions.

The dollar remains the main reservoir for capital at the moment, but that may change by 2023, according to Socrates. Capital is fleeing because people no longer trust government debt or instruments that could be manipulated by governments.

Listen to Martin and Mike’s insightful conversation to learn where smart money is parking during these volatile times.

Mr. Armstrong will explain his infallible program’s predictions in depth at the annual World Economic Conference in Orlando, Florida, on November 5, 6, and 7. Join in person if your government permits. Otherwise, there is an option to join virtually. We hope to see everyone there!

Additionally, if you enjoyed the interview, Michael Campbell has a wealth of information on his Money Talks website — Canada’s top-rated financial show.