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Norway Interview: Debt, Digital Currencies, and Political Tensions

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In what ways does Armstrong suggest the Eurozone’s financial practices are unsustainable, and what does he foresee as the potential fallout from such practices? Considering Armstrong’s skepticism towards digital currencies and government debt, what alternatives does he propose for individuals looking to secure their financial futures? According to Martin Armstrong, how have university economics departments failed to adapt their teachings to the current financial realities, particularly regarding Keynesian economics?

We talk about:

00:00 Company sought to buy island, faced rejection.

08:36 Met personal advisor, led to meeting influential figure.

14:29 Neocons hindered Reagan and Gorbachev meeting.

22:34 US financial power established by World Wars.

25:37 Euro’s flaws warned, consolidation of debts needed.

43:45 Military facility with satellites, people surfing Internet.

48:09 Currency and stock fluctuations lead to takeovers.

52:12 Warning against unsustainable path, suggesting alternative solution.

58:34 Democrats removed tax credits, causing real estate crash.

01:03:03 Private sector trust, mystery around digital currency.

01:07:22 Bitcoin could be seized; prefer gold coins.

01:15:50 Government and private sector borrowing unsustainable, temporary.

01:44:37 Analysts refrain from predicting currency crashes.

01:46:40 Governments avoid blame, currency impacts trade.