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Judge Walker Is The Same Judge Who Fined a Lawyer For Filing a Suit on 9/11

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A number of emails have asked if this was the same Judge Walker who fined a lawyer by the name of William Veale for asking him to remove himself from an appeal due to a conflict of interest involving a 9/11 lawsuit filed by April Gallop. Gallop worked in the Pentagon and was 40 feet from where they claim the plane struck the building. She filed a lawsuit against the Bush Administration for not evacuating the Pentagon, namely against former Vice President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and the former Joint Chief of Staff Chairman Richard Myers. Bush is Judge Walker’s cousin and that is the “W” in his name – George Walker Bush. Judge Walker not only refused to recuse himself from an obvious conflict of interest, but he had the audacity to fine the lawyer $15,000 for daring to file such an appeal, as he felt it was an insult to the court.