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A Vision for the Youth

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In Paris, one of the top schools selected three students to appear of French TV with me to talk about the future. The pressing question was clear: what can they do to change things? In France, banking is taught from a limited perspective of simply a commercial banking operation. They do not explain the role of investment banking in helping to start new companies, which in turn creates jobs.

The youth are very keen to grasp how the world functions for they see this is not working. They are our future for the older generation is plagued with their biases and refuse to admit error. Instead of looking at what they are doing wrong, those in power are oppressing the people even more to desperately hold on to power and failed ideas of socialism, which justify government manipulation of society.

Socialism has been highly destructive of the economy by interfering with the ability of the people to engage in a free economy. In turn, it has profoundly altered societies by destroying the family structure for before the 1930s, one had several children for that was their retirement as families took care of each other — there was no government program. With socialism, children do not save to take care of their parents for that is government’s job. The birthrate has collapsed and with it, the idea of socialism for pensions cannot be funded with a declining population.

Indeed, the youth are very engaged for they are suffering the stupidity of older generational ideas that embraced Marxism. Their future has been destroyed. Thomas Jefferson was against public debt for this was TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. One generation squanders the resources and leaves the next generation the bill. They had no right to vote on the creation of the debt, so they are robbed of any democratic process — taxation without a right to object.

The youth is our salvation. They are unsettled and have no future for the past two generations have destroyed it for them with their socialistic ideas that have only caused government to become the largest consumer of wealth creation. The upheaval we are going to go through will be the classic third generation rebellion to change the world.