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2015 World Economic Conference

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The 2015 World Economic Conference will review every important country and their markets. We will look at the globe, and in doing so, we will be in a position to see how capital moves and what the future will bring. By reviewing the world, we get to see the global trend and therein lies the way to approach the future. Not everyone will trade in every market; that is not the point. What emerges is the trend; to survive, you must be confident that you understand the trend and can see it moving before your eyes. You cannot invest in one market confidently without understanding the trend.

The number one reason people lose money is from forecasts made in isolation. The gold promoters argue that big forces are manipulating gold. They forecast gold and silver alone and could not see that the entire commodity sector was declining and deflation was engulfing everything. They have been dead wrong because they do not understand how the world economy functions. There is a time to BUY and a time to SELL in all markets. Only a fool stands there and expects higher prices without end.

To survive the future, you must understand the trend. Our World Economic Conferences are like mini financial UN meetings. You get to meet people from around the world and you can see, as well as feel, how the world economy is moving among the attendees. These events are inspiring as knowledge comes from exposure. This is not some promotional event asking you to invest in one thing or another; this is about seeing, feeling, and attaining the ability to understand the global economy. We are all connected. Once you see the world unfolding before our eyes, only then will you understand how to survive.

We will answer the most pressing question of all: Where do I put my money for the next two years?

This conference will address the global strategy and not just the buy and sell for short-term traders. We will discuss how to deal with this event that only comes around every 300 years or so.