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World Economic Conference 35th Year

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COMMENT: Good morning. Well I thankfully made it to Florida yesterday in time for the conference. I thought I’d get here as soon as possible, since Pennsylvania like many other states are getting more restrictive on travel outside of the state. The day before Thanksgiving, PA announced a travel advisory with a 14 day quarantine or a negative test within 72 hours of arrival from out of state. Of course, there are exceptions to that, but didn’t want to wait around to see what else they come up with.

I’m looking forward to this conference and holding out hope that this won’t be the last one. Besides all the invaluable information I have learned after all these conferences I’ve attended, the connections I’ve made through networking are also invaluable. You really attract some quality people, the cream of the crop, as you have said before. You, your conference and clients pose a serious threat to the club’s plans and it’s something I wish to see to grow and glad to be a small part of. I hope to be able to talk with you again If I can help in any small way, I gladly will.

Hope all is well.



REPLY: Well with this virtual attendance, this is by far the largest single event perhaps in private financial history. Nigel Farage calls us the Alternative to Davos. This attendance of this year’s session will dwarf anything Schwab has put on in Davos even in the face of this outrageous censorship. I’m sure even most of his 3,000 attendees have signed up just to try to criticize whatever I say.

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The cocktail party won’t be virtual.

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While I lifted the cap on 25,000 virtual attendees because we had to cancel Shanghai and Frankfurt the reports going out to everyone cover the world. We have attendees from just about every country around the globe that has any capitalistic system.

WEC Socrates Reports

While I have written the introductions around the world, this year Socrates has written all the technical sessions with charts and arrays it has articulated. This is a massive reference collection as we head into 2022 and beyond. This way, there are so many questions from around the world on every market, this way we have covered everything.