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WEC Conference

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To everyone at Armstrong Economics,

This years WEC seemed like it was in the distance future. Then it was a month, a week, and a day away. Now It’s been one week since we were all gathered in the Hilton Bonnet Creek Auditorium for the WEC 2016. I was excited for this years conference for many reasons. For me, it was the people, the ideas, the reunion, the questions to be presented and answered, the understanding, and personal growth. I walked away experiencing each and every one of those things. I thought I would perhaps feel a bit of a loss a week afterwards. I have discovered the contrary. During the past week, I have reviewed my notes, the forum, the trader version from WEC 2015 and find myself connecting the dots of information and understanding things in deeper way than I was before. It’s’ very exciting time!
I encountered many of the people from the 30 countries that were present. In fact, one person was in my exact same position only he lived in Europe. This is amazing and demonstrates some of the random order in the world.
I would like to personally thank everybody at Armstrong Economics for everything you do! You are truly influencing everyone who is invested in learning and understanding the world in a positive way. Thank you again!

Best regards,



It is so good to see that many people are now comprehending how the world functions and that everything is connected. Everyone on our staff feel very dedicated to try to help move things in the direction of knowledge and understanding. It is our only possible hope to fight back against totalitarianism. It is also very gratifying that these annual WEC events have become like reunions and fantastic networking events.