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WARNING People Abusing the Forum

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WARNING: There are people using our forum for attendees of conferences to solicit people for investments and to take our material and then incorporate it into their product pretending to be doing this as some sort of a service.

This is ILLEGAL activity. We are turning this over to our lawyers. It is ILLEGAL for anyone to solicit others to manage their money or to pretend to be selling them their own research pretending they are explaining ours. There are CONFLICTS OF INTEREST when people pretend to be offering advice and are then trading the same position to enhance their own profits or worse yet, to try to increase volume so they can sell and exit a position.

Please report ANYONE who is soliciting you for any reason. As always, some people are just greedy and will do anything to make a buck.

If this continues, we will be forced to shut down all forums and file suit in court to protect the integrity of what we are doing as a public service.