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The Pawn of Finance – The Free Markets Now Get to Vote

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This year’s World Economic Conference will be interesting. There is no need to talk about the Great Reset or vaccines, as we are confronted with a very unique economic situation. Quite frankly, I seriously doubt that those handling Biden have any idea of the consequences of their end game goals that will be unleashed on the world. The Monetary Crisis Cycle that was to begin here in 2021 has arrived. What is the future of the markets?

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We face BOTH the risk of deflation and inflation SIMULTANEOUSLY. Why has gold declined in the face of talks of a $3.5 trillion spending spree? Will the Dow continue to rise, and if so, why? We will be reviewing the world financial markets. I will leave the blog for the political issues. I think they have all been addressed, and we are all getting a little over COVID-ED. Now we must deal with the financial markets, for it is time for their vote, which cannot be rigged by double-counting or losing ballots. Now it is time for the FREE MARKETS to vote.

So welcome to the 2021 World Economic Conference November 5-7, 2021