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Tablets for Attendees of WEC 2016

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WEC Tablet 2016

A number of people have been asking what will be on the tablets we are handing out to attendees for this year’s World Economic Conference in Orlando. We are providing important tools in addition to some video. Among the tools will be our date converter. This will create the proprietary date structure we use in the Economic Confidence Model. You can enter a calendar date or the decimal date. This will convert any date from 100AD on and tell you what the day of the week it was under our current calendar. It will also display our Scalar Date measured from 6000BC and tell you how many days have passed since then.

In addition, whatever date you enter, this program will plot and create a 51.6 year wave structure. You can experiment all you like. Enter dates from different events worldwide in markets or politics and it will create a 51.6 year wave graph. Then you can plot the 8.6 year waves from whatever date you enter, even your birthday or the start of a business. This will be an eye opening tool. It will definitely surprise you.

These tablets will have a keyboard, WFI, and Windows 10.