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2016 WEC: Institutional & General Public Sessions will be Separate

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The 2016 World Economic Conference will probably be held in Orlando. We are not planning to hold one in Europe at this time. We will not be holding an introduction, instead, we will provide a DVD of the introduction from the 2015 WEC in Berlin so we can discuss forecasting ONLY. This year, we will split the sessions between institutional and the general public because the questions are substantially different. Seating will be limited. The entire event will probably be held over four days with workshops and a technical analysis training day. This will allow us to cover all the major markets and we will be looking at gold stocks this year and blue chip stocks as well. We are nailing down the dates but it looks like the week after the elections in the States.

We will post this as soon as we have the contract signed from the hotel. We have negotiated a great room rate and it is very easy to travel to Orlando. Additionally, there will be a shuttle to Disney so those who would like to make this a family trip will be able to do so. So, nothing has been finalized as of yet. We cannot live stream the entire event. We are looking into the possibility of a live stream for one half-day workshop. Live streaming more than that does not really work. No inquiries. We are close to the final announcement.