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2015 World Economic Conference – Princeton

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Please note, we sent out emails to everyone who is registered for the Princeton WEC (Princeton only) with conference details and instructions on submitting balance payments. It would’ve been sent to the email address linked to the PayPal transaction/account.

If you did not receive this email please reach out to us immediately at [email protected]. Please also let us know if the email address we have on file should be changed.

Those registered for the Berlin WEC, please await further instructions relating to that event. The email referenced does not apply.

The price of this ticket will be $2500, which will include special reports that would normally be sold separately for about $1,000. Those attending will also receive the DVD of the session. The $500 deposit will be applied to the total ticket price of $2500.

(NOTE: We do have more reservations than seats. So we may not be able to accommodate anyone else in the United States. We will know shortly if there are any seats available whatsoever)