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The World Economic Conference Nov 11-13, 2022 Orlando

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2018 Orlando WEC R

The WEC this year may be back to normal. People are flying in from Europe and Asia and this will probably be a great reunion as many had been attending virtually. It will be good to see many old friends for there is nothing like face-to-face communication. The spirit of the old trading rooms was also better than sitting in isolation trading off a screen. We are hoping most of our International Staff will be returning as well to Florida, which seems to have become the last of the land of the free and home of the brave. I would like to thank Governor DeSantis for allowing us to still hold our annual events during COVID. At least they were events that could be streamed.

War Cycle 2019

Looking futuresThis year will be the calm before the storm. As we have seen with these arrays, they have remained accurate in projecting events out even 12 years in advance. As we look ahead into 2023, we have markets going crazy, civil unrest rising, politics going totally insane around the world, and unfortunately war with no peacemakers on the horizon.

We have the whole world to look out for with markets and issues becoming critical in 2023 in Asia and Europe. We have people attending these events since the first one in 1985. This will be an important event for this is the 37th year from 1985 (4.3 x 8.6). This could be the last live event, I hope not. But we will see.




Here is a clip from the 1985 WEC explaining Natural Hedging, which we were teaching clients back then that led to them accusing me of starting the Takeover Boom. Nobody seemed to understand, but we were advising most of the takeover guys like Alan Bond who bought the Courage Pubs in Britain.

Dow Jones Earnings Book Value 1937 1982

Still, we were funding buying companies by borrowing in a currency that would depreciate making 20-30% on the FOREX, which was way over the heads of most. These were the charts that perhaps started that takeover boom showing the book value of stock fell so much, that we would buy a company, sell its assets, and double or triple our money back then, or expand and watched the market explode upward.

Ah, the good old days. As they say – to be young again but to know what I know today.

Wall_Street_Michael Douglas

Of course, they made a movie all about it. I don’t recall who, but someone had called when they were making that film.

I explained what we were going through, but I don’t think that ever really make it to the film.

With Politics, War, & Markets All Going Insane, this looks to be an interesting WEC

Tickets are available for the Live Event & the Virtual Streaming Live