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Frankfurt Seminar - Video Coming Soon!

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Frankfurt 2017

The July 22nd, 2017 seminar in Frankfurt will be just on the Eurozone covering the currency and the major share markets. There is a major risk that the European Central Bank (ECB) could fail because of the structure and the failure to have consolidated the debt from the outset and thereafter let each member state borrow on their on account without those debt issues qualifying for bank reserves. This is entire reason why the current proposal to create a Eurobond which is really just an Asset Backed Security composed of federal debt is to bailout the ECB which holds 40% of Eurozone sovereign debt.

The crisis comes when the ECB tries to stop buying government debt. Interest rates will soar and buyers of Eurozone debt will run fast and furious. We will look at how to position yourself there in Europe for the future and how to monitor the milestone markers as they approach.

There will be a question and answer period as well.

Given the number of clients we have in Europe, we are trying to keep this price reasonable for the average person just trying to survive the future. As always, we do not pitch to sell you some product or solicit money to manage. This is a forecasting session only.

The price of a seat will be $350.