European Tour Open to Public

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These are the events that are open to the public in Europe:

4/28    Stuttgart, Kino Delphi 7:30pm (booking is open)
4/29    Berlin, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain 8pm (booking is open)
5/07    Leuven, Belgium, Docville Festival 9:15pm
5/08   Tübingen, Kino Museum Solution-Conference 4pm (booking is open)
5/08   Tübingen, Kino Museum THE FORECASTER 6pm (booking is open)
5/08   Tübingen, Kino Museum Kolloquium with Prof Otte.(booking is open)
5/09   Frankfurt, Kino Harmonie 20:30pm (booking is open)
5/11   München, Rio, Saal 1, Dok.fest 8pm (booking is open)
5/13   Hannover, Kino am Raschplatz 8:30pm (booking is open – film only)
5/14   Warsow, Poland, Filmfestival – exact dates not yet fixed