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Putin Announcing He May Nationalize All Foreign Corporation Assets who Left Russia

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Putin has announced that he endorses a plan to nationalize foreign-owned businesses that flee the country over its invasion of Ukraine. This is signaling to the West that he can also play the same game. Putin’s approval of the plan is scheduled to be discussed in Russia’s parliament Friday. Now even Goldman Sachs said it was “winding down” its business in Russia, following hundreds of other Western firms that have closed or suspended operations. Since the West is confiscating private assets, all is fair in love and war as they say.

I have been in serious discussions with key people around the world. Many people are deeply concerned that this is all a political game – not military. This has the same fingerprints all over it as the COVID scam and the end objectives are the same. These sanctions are really intended to shut down fossil fuels and by driving the price higher, it is believed that the people will consume less and work virtually. There are money trails that are revealed in such documents as the Panama Papers.

Zelensky Trudeau

The World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders program included Zelensky who graduated in 2000, as did Trudeau.  In July 2019, Zelensky credited the Canadian Prime Minister with “inspiring him to get into politics.”  The funding for Zelensky’s TV series was put up by an oligarch friend linked to George Soros. Zelensky will not compromise as Trudeau acted against the tuckers. Meanwhile, Zelensky keeps trying to drag NATO and the US which he knows fully well will unleash World War III. There is another agenda here from the start, something was just not right. I have friends in Kyiv and just as in Canada, NOT all Ukrainians see Zelensky as a hero. Both China and Russia can also follow the money trail and it does not lead to the military.

Hoover Quote

The West has clearly begun WWIII in the financial markets which will inevitably spill over into outright warfare as was the case the last time governments acted this irrational. The Biden Administration, joined by some lunatic Republicans, is moving to carry out the next step in this Financial War which, like WWII, began in the Financial markets that led to outright war. For those who do not know the real history behind the Great Depression because of the fake news even back then, Germany could not meet the reparation payments that were demanded by France. There was a proposal that Germany and Austria should combine in order to be able to make the reparation payments. Everyone agreed except France. The French’s hatred of the Germans began WWII by shorting the Austrian bonds, then turned on Germany, and when Britain tried to defend Germany, the French turned on the Brits. In 1931, everyone defaulted because of the financial war, and that drove the dollar to record highs. President Hoover remarked how crazy the financial markets became in 1931.

Dividing World

Because these financial sanctions being imposed on Russia are dangerously similar and now have torn the world economy apart, once imposed they will never be lifted. Putin knows that the companies that have left will NEVER return and confiscating all their assets is now fair game since the West is confiscating private citizens’ assets. The financial crisis that erupted in 1931, was followed by 1933 which was a political Panic Cycle Year on our model. That is the year when FDR came to power in the USA, Hiter in Germany, and Mao Zedong in China. The elections were in general from Novemb er 1932 into 1933. From this year on our model has been a Political Panic Cycle and 2023 is a War Cycle target, this is NOT going to end nicely. It certainly looks that we will have at best one year before a similar crisis in 2023.


There is no backing out of this mess now. The objective is to create World War III and then expect to be able to stop short of nuclear, but weaken all the governments so that the United Nations will emerge as the great peacemaker and one-world government. I personally think their objectives are totally insane. The computer does not show that it will be successful. But they are ending the dominance of Western culture. The financial capital of the world has ALWAYS migrated. It is just going to be China’s time to come up to bat.