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Transnational Gangs – America is Under Attack

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America has been invaded; no one is safe. The media has stifled reports that groups of migrants are targeting upscale residents and burglarizing homes. Biden provided these people with entry under the Visa Waiver Program. These people are trained and committing these crimes on behalf of their respective gangs. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard is one of many sounding the alarm over these “transnational gangs.”

“They typically hit homes from 5 to 9 p.m., they seem to want houses where nobody’s home, and they usually come in through windows in the back,” the sheriff explained. “They do a lot of surveillance, we believe, before they commit a crime,” Bouchard continued. “Usually, it’s two or three people working together, with one of them stationed outside as a driver.” Bouchard said they are targeting individuals rather than communities, and watching their whereabouts before attacking. “They don’t recognize jurisdictions or borders of a country, a state or a county,” he confirmed.

As if our tax dollars were not enough. The majority of people illegally entering America do not have good intentions. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also recognized these transnational gangs spreading the nation. “Gangs strike fear into our local neighborhoods, commit violent crimes against our citizens and facilitate criminal activity such as narcotics and firearms trafficking, sex trafficking, human smuggling and trafficking, and corruption,” the agency states on its website.

The enemy is within and the current administration deliberately invited them. Only the politicians in tune with the plans for the Great Reset understand why these illegal aliens are coming in droves. Hence why even Democrats are begging for border security now and wondering why nothing is being done. What will these people do when America is weakened after a government shutdown? The government can no longer be trusted to protect the people. Communities must ban together and protect one another from the enemy within.