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Biden to be Replaced come August

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Biden Sigining Order 1

QUESTION: Has Biden finally caved in to close the border after he opened it up on his first day in office? This seems like admitting he made a mistake which has hurt so many people in this country.


ANSWER: Yes, this is admitting it was a complete failure. The nut-job liberal base that wanted to flood the country with future Democrats is angered. Yet, Biden justifiably won’t get credit for his brand-new get-tough approach that comes way too late to mollify fed-up Americans when the country has been flooded with unskilled people he has given FREE healthcare to and logging at the expense of taxpayers who he wants to raise taxes on all the time.

Mr. Biden is using the same kind of tools that President Trump used to secure the border that the Democrats called him a racist over. On the first day of office, Biden opened the border to anyone from Asia, Africa, and South America. His policies have angered Mexico and other countries where people have been migrating to get their free handouts with Biden T-shirts. Five million illegal immigrants have poured into the country without background checks. Some countries emptied their prisons and sent them to Biden’s Land.




Let me explain something. This is NOT my OPINION – it is my OBSERVATION after 40 years of experience with Washington. Biden will certainly be blamed for the Migrant Crisis. He is old and clearly failing. The REAL polls the mainstream media will NOT tell the public is he has fallen to even below 10%. No worries, they have Plan B and that is why they instructed him to now close the border so his replacement will NOT share the blame.

Hillary vs Trump Cartoon

I am telling you right now that Hillary is pitching that she is the ONLY one who can beat Trump. Yes, there is the Obama camp as well, but the Neocons favor Hillary, who would bomb Vanada to get a single Russia.

McCain Hillary

It was the leader of the Neocons, John McCain, who handed Hillary’s fake dossier she paid for to slander Trump that he was a puppet of Putin. Hillary is a Neocon and will take us to World War III. The Neocons fear Trump will win, and this is Plan B. But the Democrats need to be WOKE. They are actually pushing for Michele Obama to take VP – now that’s a really wild rumor.

The mere fact that you are starting to see press that Biden shows signs of “slipping” is setting the stage for the next act – replacing him by drafting Hillary at the convention. That is WHY they blocked anyone else from being on the primary ballot with Biden. This is a complete denial of democracy, for it has been staged to hand to Hillary for a rematch.