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Gates will Lose – The Economy is Collapsing Anyway

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Bill Gates Jail

COMMENT: So far you gave the impression, that our friends BG / KS would not win 👻
Lately you seem not to be so sure ??
Just on principle , I reject the shot


REPLY: No they lose. Governments have grabbed this opportunity because the system is failing even if they were not around. Politicians are hoping to retain power by restoring to this COVID scam. It is a virus that they created, but once created it will mutate in ways even they do not know.

Schwab Gates Soros

Just as they tried to assassinate Hitler, I would expect assassination attempts on Gates, Soros, and Schwab. They have destroyed a lot of lives and caused many suicides. There are people who will eventually respond in a violent way – that is what history warns. People who try to alter the way everyone else lives to reshape it the way they think they should live are called tyrants. History is very clear what happens to tyrants.

Schwab WifeGates Obama Medal

All the accolades will not save them.