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Writings 2012



The risk of Low Interest Rates

(Martin Armstrong October 13th, 2012




Asia – The Coming New Financial Capital of the World




Iran – The Fate of the Middle East




QE3 Confirms the Economic Implosion

(Martin Armstrong September 13th, 2012



Debt is Destroying Everything.

(Martin Armstrong August 28th, 2012)



Is the End Near?

(Martin Armstrong August 17th, 2012)


Banks Manipulating Gold – People v Banks – & The Dow

(Martin Armstrong August 5th, 2012)


We are on the Verge of a Very Profound Systemic Global Meltdown (Martin Armstrong, August 4th, 2012)




The Rapidly Approaching Demise of Japan (Martin Armstrong, July 30th, 2012)




Dow Jones Rally(Martin Armstrong, July 28th, 2012)




(Martin Armstrong, July 11th, 2012)


Why Property Taxes Will Soar, Why the risk of civil unrest is rising exponentially & Why we will see The rise of a third political party(Martin Armstrong, July 9th, 2012)


The Investment Tax – Obamacare What you better know & fast – Perhaps the next Crash? (Martin Armstrong 07/04/2012)



Banking Manipulations – A Systemic Problem The real Implications of the Barclay LIBOR manipulation and what it means for the entire banking industry (Martin Armstrong 07/04/2012)







ObamaCare What could have actually been far worse. The Dissent would have granted powers that meant government could order you to do anything at all under the excuse it would impact the economy. Thank God for this decision could have been the end of all rights had the dissent won.(Martin Armstrong 06/28/2012)




HOW DO Empires Die? Is it by Hyperinflation or Deflation? (Martin Armstrong, 06/16/12)



The Emperor Has No Clothes Why the Fed Has No Power (Martin Armstrong, 06/14/12)



The Truth About Why You Should Buy Gold(Martin Armstrong, 06/05/12)




Armstrong Economics: Manipulating the World Economy Or Just Understanding How It Really Functions?

(Martin Armstrong, 05/16/12)



Armstrong Economics: Mirror Mirror(Martin Armstrong, 05/14/12)





Armstrong Economics: Saving the World (Martin Armstrong, 05/06/12)




Armstrong Economics: Beware the Lame-Duck Congress (Martin Armstrong, 05/01/12)




Armstrong Economics: The Rule of Law(Martin Armstrong, 4/26/12)





Armstrong Economics: Who is Really Behind the Curtain?

(Martin Armstrong, 4/22/12)




Armstrong Economics: Happy Tax Day(Martin Armstrong, 4/18/12)




Armstrong Economics: Is Paper Money Constitutional?

(Martin Armstrong, 4/13/12)



Armstrong Economics: Down-Under Turning Upside-Down

(Martin Armstrong, 03/25/12)



Armstrong Economics: Gold

(Martin Armstrong, 03/25/12)



Armstrong Economics: Goldman Sachs v Shareholders(Martin Armstrong, 03/18/12)




Armstrong Economics: Anatomy of a Debt Crisis(Martin Armstrong, 03/18/12)




Armstrong Economics: The Model (Martin Armstrong, 03/14/12)




Armstrong Economics: The Commodity Empire (Martin Armstrong, 03/04/12)




Armstrong Economics: Credit Default Swaps Prove Worthless (Martin Armstrong, 03/02/12)




Armstrong Economics: Flash Crash (Martin Armstrong, 03/01/12)




Armstrong Economics: The 13 Year Curse(Martin Armstrong, 02/25/12)




Armstrong Economics: The Sovereign Debt Crisis (Martin Armstrong, 02/24/12)




Armstrong Economics: MF Global & JP Morgan

(Martin Armstrong, 02/24/12)




Armstrong Economics: The British Pound – The Decline & Fall (Martin Armstrong, 02/23/12)




Armstrong Economics: The Analytical Shill

(Martin Armstrong, 01/27/12)




Armstrong Economics: Real Estate – A Global View

(Martin Armstrong, 01/23/12)




Armstrong Economics: Dow Jones Soars as Gold Flounders (Martin Armstrong, 02/19/12)




Armstrong Economics: What’s Going On Now – Greece, the Prelude to the Fall (Martin Armstrong, 02/15/12)




Armstrong Economics: Answering Your Questions – Singapore Moves to Make Trading Safer After MF Global

(Martin Armstrong, 02/14/12)




Armstrong Economics: MF Global Continues to Undermine the US Financial Markes and the Rule of Law

(Martin Armstrong, 02/13/12)




Armstrong Economics: Answering Your Questions – MF Global (Martin Armstrong, 02/04/12)




Armstrong Economics: Answering Your Questions – Real Estate Global View Follow Up (Martin Armstrong, 01/31/12)




Armstrong Economics: The Sovereign Debt Crisis – When?

(Martin Armstrong, 01/30/12)




Armstrong Economics: Answering Your Questions – Biggest Profit Margins in History (Martin Armstrong, 01/28/12)




Armstrong Economics: Answering Your Questions – Inflation vs Deflation (Martin Armstrong, 01/27/12)




Armstrong Economics: Keeping Rates Low Until 2014?

(Martin Armstrong, 01/26/12)




Armstrong Economics: How 19 Guys & A Camel Destroyed Western Civilization

(Martin Armstrong, 01/25/12)




Armstrong Economics: Gold, the Rally Within

(Martin Armstrong, 01/23/12)




Armstrong Economics: Gold & The Near Term

(Martin Armstrong, 01/18/12)




Armstrong Economics: Evolution of the US Dollar (Continued) (Martin Armstrong, 01/17/12)




Armstrong Economics: Now What’s Going On – Europe Hit by Downgrades

(Martin Armstrong, 01/14/12)



Rakoff v SEC IIIa

(Martin Armstrong, 01/13/12)




Armstrong Economics: Now What’s Going On – Rakoff, Part II (Martin Armstrong, 01/12/12)




Armstrong Economics: Now What’s Going On – One Judge Stands Alone Against the SEC

(Martin Armstrong, 01/07/12)



Armstrong Economics: When Fiat Was the Solution

(Martin Armstrong, 01/05/12)



Armstrong Economics: Make the Right Decision

(Martin Armstrong, 01/03/12)