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Why Property Taxes Will Soar, Why the risk of civil unrest is rising exponentially & Why we will see The rise of a third political party

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Why Property Taxes Will Soar, Why the risk of civil unrest is rising exponentially & Why we will see The rise of a third political party

Anyone who really thinks we have a government by the people for the people, must be smoking something delusional. We are on the precipice of one of the greatest tax increases in history all because government REFUSES to reform. Those that keep thinking hyperinflation is in the cards, better start looking upward. Even the birds are taking flight. Government is like a two year old who would rather break the toy than let someone else play with it. They will destroy Western Civilization just to cling to another moment of power. All governments are about one thing – exercising their self-interest. The people are just a herd of sheep to be managed and controlled at best and the enemy whenever they resist. Karl Marx may have intended to create fairness and utopia with everyone being treated the same outside of government by taking the wealth away from the rich, but what he failed to comprehend was that government acts in its own self-interest, and it will imprison and kill people who resist and are far more dangerous than the rich who do not have standing armies and tanks.

The historic spike highs we see in the previous graph on Presidential elections in the USA show tremendous third party activity following the Panic of 1878 and again with the Panic of 1929 unfolding into the Great Depression. We are facing such a spike in third party activity coming in 2016 and we have been forecasting that date since 1995. Government is preparing with all sorts of Draconian laws right down to a kill switch for the Internet where the only real news can be found. The Internet is to our present what Radio Free America was being broadcast into the Soviet Union. We claimed the Russian people were deprived of the real news. Well today, the President wants that same power as Russia had to jam the airwaves by just turning off the internet.

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Civil Unrest appears WHENEVER the economy declines sharply. This is one of those times. The Panic of 1893 produced Coxley’s Army that marched upon Washington to demand doing something about unemployment. The despicable manner in which government treats our citizens was in full bloom then as well. If you pass a billion laws, you can always find an excuse to lock someone up and claim it is for that reason, NEVER because of what they had to say politically. Coxley led that march and was arrested for walking on the grass. They took the leader away in handcuffs and then broke up the Army. Of course it was the grass they were so concerned about. That to me is real TREASON. The U.S. Constitution states plainly in Article VI, Clause 2, that it shall be “the supreme law of the land.” The arrest of Coxley in 1894 or the kill switch to shut down the internet free speech today, allows the government to always defeat the constitution whenever it desires. They are enforcing the law that protects the grass, not trying to deny the right to Free Speech or to Assembly. This is the same shit that the King pulled that sparked the American Revolution. There just is no Rule of Law left in America. Whenever a lesser statute is allowed to supersede a Constitutional Right, this is TREASON because the Constitution cannot possibly be the Supreme Law of the Land. It’s all just bullshit.


Coxley’s march on Washington has been forgotten. It has been transformed into a children’s movie the Wizard of Oz where the Wizard was Congress as Baum was a participant. This is just like the events of the Black Death that have been forgotten yet are recited in a children’s rhyme. The words to the Ring around the Rosy children’s ring game have their origin in English history.

blackdeath ringdance

The historical period of the rhyme dates back to the Great Plague of London in 1665 (bubonic plague) or even before that when the first outbreak of the Black Death hit England in the 1300’s. Indeed, the symptoms of the plague included a rosy red rash in the shape of a ring on the skin (Ring around the Rosy). Pockets and pouches were filled with sweet smelling herbs (or posies) which were carried due to the belief that the disease was transmitted by bad smells. The term “Ashes Ashes” refers to the cremation of the dead bodies! The children’s rhyme thus states:

Ring around the rosy, A pocketful of posies, “Ashes, Ashes”, We all fall down!

1932_bonus army confrontation 1

It was 1932 when the World War I veterans marched on Washington known as the Bonus Army. They were called criminals, gassed, killed, and even American tanks were sent out against the citizens.  Because of this brutal treatment not only did this contribute to Hoover’s loss in the election of 1932, but when World War II came, they had to pass the GI Bill to provide veterans with the very demands they killed WW I vets for daring to even ask. Keep in mind, not only did FDR come storming into office in 1933, so did Hitler in Germany that same year and Mao in China. Turn the economy down and you will get civil unrest. This is what the USA is planning for already because they see the unrest in Europe already and know that is coming in this direction because they screwed the economy as well.


Here was our computer forecast for the 2000 election published in 1995. It showed that the Democrats should have won ever so slightly. Of course, the Supreme Court handed that election to George Bush along party lines illustrating its lowest moment in history and that decision cost countless lives looking for weapons of mass destruction that never existed. Naturally, Halliburton, Dick Cheney’s pet, made a fortune over the blood and guts that was spilled. And when they came under the spotlight for investigation, Halliburton quickly resigned their American citizenship and moved overseas protecting the bribes and behind-the-curtain deals they cut in Washington. That election produced results when finally counted that proved the computer forecast 5 years in advance was correct. The Democrats had 51,003,926 and the Republicans 50,460,110.


We also warned in 1995 that the forecast for a rise in Third Party activity was projecting the first window for such a possibility would be 2016. That was in line with the long-range Sovereign Debt Crisis and the first window for a gold high in 2017. So far, everything is still appears on time. We are frantically working with people in three countries ALL overseas OUTSIDE the United States to get the computer models fully functioning. That includes the models that also forecast the rise and fall of the political fortunes around the world.

In 1999, I stood up at our conference in Tokyo and warned that the LDP party would lose. That was an earth shattering forecast since they never lost post-World War II. Some have believed the Japanese government conspired with the US to stop the forecasting of Princeton Economics. It did not matter. Things do NOT happen because we forecast that is the outcome.

Even now, the hornets are trying to stir the nest.  Because we have warned about the pervasive corruption in New York and the hopeless condition of the Rule of Law with Federal Courts always just rubber stamping whatever the government desires, the finger is pointed at us once again. Besides the illegal seizure of Princeton Economics and the government issuing notes AFTER the case began by appointing its receiver Alan Cohen Board Member of Goldman Sachs and O’Melveny & Myers, LLP to lie to the public AFTER the fact omitting the fact that they authorized notes to be issued AFTER the case began, then there is MF Global where they take no action when a NY Investment Bank stole more than $1 billion in client funds and traded on its own account with other people’s money. Capital, we have warned, is no longer safe in the United States because courts REFUSE to obey the Constitution or the law – just rubber stamping whatever the government says driving the conviction rate from 72% in the 1970s to a virtual perfect 99% record current higher than even Adolf Hitler achieved. Since those statements have been very public and because I was one of the first people from the West invited to China in 1997 to discuss the Asian Currency Crisis at the Central Bank of China, and since Princeton Economics had been given a contract to do all the forecasting internally for China that the US government stopped, once more the arrows are aiming straight this way claiming China now refuses to deal with New York Banks and is buying US debt exclusive through the US Treasury Directly based upon our advice.

To set the record straight, merely making a forecast DOES NOT make it happen and to give advice DOES NOT guarantee someone will follow it. That may be how the New York Banks play the game with shill analysts, controlling the mainstream press, and bribing governments to ensure they are always bailed out with taxpayers money while trading with other people’s money, but in the real world outside of New York, major trends are unstoppable. To me they are no different than Marx – trying to manipulate the economy for their personal desires. We are headed into a Sovereign Debt Crisis because the system has always been unsound. It is just a question of time, not IF. Our computer model they hate so much specializes in TIME. Anybody can predict the Sovereign Debt Crisis including a two-year old with a pocket calculator. The real trick is WHEN.

The other aspect is: HOW do things unfold? In this area the air swirls with opinion. Everyone has one – they are indeed like assholes. But personal opinion is just not reliable. We all have our good days and our bad days. Guru status is short-lived because it cannot provide consistency. The entire purpose of our computer model was to ELIMINATE personal opinion – including myself. Yet, people still try to criticize a forecast based upon personal attack when that is the one thing we eliminate. Princeton Economics was going public. The government stopped that too. Virtually every think tank has its hand out and accepts lucrative fees to produce studies that they are told in advance what they are to say. The same when someone testifies before Congress. Do you really think a lawyer will allow a client to answer questions that could produce a criminal indictment? The questions are agreed upon in advance. Everything is choreographed for the show.

This lack of a real tripartite form of government is why term limits of one-time-only and get out are so vital. This applies to both Democrats & Republicans.Politicians see this as them against us. They are part of the establishment who are perpetually reelected. They pointed at Gaddafi  and called him a dictator because how long he ran the government. Hello? Look at the Senate and Congress. It is hard to find a senior Democrat or Republican who has not been in office as long as Gaddafi was. These people see themselves as government. How can they ever be impartial to investigate government’s role in anything?

The Chiefs of Staff of Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama (Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee) and Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts (Ranking Democrat of the Committee), both protect the New York Banks and the regulatory agencies like the SEC & CFTC, and will NEVER allow a real investigation as to what is going on. They take the position that they have to support the system and ignore their Constitutional duty to act as an independent third branch to keep the executive in check. There is no such balance and they support the executive at all times. This is bipartisan at least because there are no term limits.

Bachus: 202-225-4921 (Personal Office)

Frank: 202-202-225-5931 (Personal Office)

Barney Frank and Spencer Bachus will NEVER allow a real investigation into the close ties of the SEC/CFTC and the New York Banks because many aids have direct ties. Their own staff will block any investigation in the SEC and CFTC and whatever they do is just for show. Nothing ever comes out of anything. This merely further warns that money is just no longer safe in the United States. This is also why we are seeing record resignations of American citizenship, 1800 so far this term, because taxes are going to go absolutely crazy next year.

Why Property Taxes Will Soar

Government views the people as the enemy behind closed doors. If you really think you are better off under the New Deal where it takes two salaries to pay bills instead of one because of taxes, then you really shouldn’t be reading this anymore. The whole idea of income taxes was supposed to get the “rich”. But now the “rich” is HOUSEHOLD income of $250,000 – not the Bill Gates or Warren Buffet types. It is HOUSEHOLD income recognizing that women often have to work today and cannot stay at home to raise the kids even if they wanted to do so.

The vast majority of people do not pay taxes. The government gets to borrow from them interest free for they all think it is wonderful to get a refund check. Then there is this hatred against aliens. They somehow twist this into thinking they are somehow taking American jobs. The jobs they do are normally ones Americans will not do or are untrained to do so. But if the majority of Americans do not pay income taxes, what is the big deal about illegal aliens? What is glazed over is the INDIRECT taxation. They pay the same as the low income Americans, property taxes, sales taxes, all sorts of fees, etc. They have no right to vote, yet pay the same as any American.

This is what government has figured out. Cities like Philadelphia are dead broke. They have chased the rich out of town, imposed wage taxes on anyone who flies in for business, they think it is their right to demand money and provide you with nothing in return. So what are they up to now? PROPERTY TAXES! You will see property taxes start to rise exponentially because it has nothing to do with income. If you can’t pay, well sorry – then they get to take the property and sell it. Taxes will rise where income is no longer an issue. They chased the rich out – someone has to pay for public servants to live.

The Bush Tax Cuts

Obama has asked for the Bush Tax Cuts to be extended for ONE YEAR only on HOUSEHOLD incomes of less than $250,000. This shows he wants the taxes on investment to jump to over 40%. He is likely to destroy more jobs and send the economy into a spiral nosedive faster than any president in history. The sad thing is, it really doesn’t matter who wins the elections despite the fact that Obama may win by the skin of his teeth. We are talking about a Lame-Duck Congress and the extension is in December so technically whoever wins, the event will have taken place already.

Obamacare Tax

It is true that there have been a lot of unfounded rumors concerning the Obamacare Tax that portray the 3.8 percent federal health care tax on the sale of your house. It is very true that this does in fact apply. However, it will more likely affect the wealthy, not the average American, but it is likely to kill commercial business properties.

Obamacare will impose a 3.8 percent tax on all home sales and real estate transactions – TRUE! However, this 3.8 percent tax will be on ALL investment profits and other non-wage income starting in 2013. But that tax applies ONLY to couples with adjusted gross income of $250,000 (or individuals with AGI of $200,000). About 95 percent of households make less than that, and will be exempt from the law no matter what.  Furthermore, couples who sell a personal residence can exclude the first $500,000 in profit from tax ($250,000 for singles). This suggests that profit from a home sale, not proceeds, would more than likely be exempt. It is unlikely that this will amount to a hill of beans given the state of the real estate market in any event.

tax cyc

Expect the 3.8% tax to dampen commercial real estate at probably the worst point in time. The little bound we saw in the model, well we got it, and now it looks like it will turn down again. The real concern is how this could set off a selling spree in time for the elections. The Democrats are death, dumb, and blind when it comes to taxation. They refuse to look at just plotting the economy alongside the tax rates. If they did just once, they might see the light. Hiring government workers is ANTI-GROWTH. It is like hiring a maid at home. She produces nothing. Adds no income to the HOUSEHOLD; she consumes income. This is why they call government workers PUBLIC SERVANTS. The more you hire, the lower the economic growth – HELLO!


Of course, then we have the question of a definition. When the politicians say they will make those rich bastards pay, the majority cheer since they think they will get something for nothing. However, when the chase the rich out of town, what is left are the people who cheered. How does government deal with this? They change the definition of the rich. When they sold this nonsense to everyone, $1 million was a ton of money. If you consider a Cadillac was $600 when the rich were defined as $5 million, with the definition now $250,000 HOUSHOLD, not individual, then a Cadillac should be over $415 million to keep the same ratio.

hadrian taxrevolt

Tax revolts are common throughout history. We are approaching such a period in 2016. The question is how much will the markets be influenced starting in September 2012. Yet sadly to say, it is ALL of Western society that is going down the drain just as the Communist world collapsed. It is just our turn for the same fiscal mismanagement sins. Even India has offered amnesty to more than 100 wealthy citizens who evaded taxes by hiding funds in accounts at HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA)’s Swiss unit. The India income tax department has agreed not to start criminal proceedings or levy a penalty if the Indians repatriate the money from Geneva and pay the taxes right now.

Numerous countries are now trolling looking for assets they can seize and people they can imprison to confiscate their wealth. India is joining the USAm UK, Germany, and many others out for blood money. The politicians get to squander your wealth, and they they get to imprison you for refusing to give them whatever they demand. What is the difference with the Maffia demanding protection money? There is no way to stop this collapse because government insists upon holding on to power as is. They are not prepared to listen to any reason.