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Russiagate – The Slow Drip of the Coup to Take over Russia

Little by little the truth is starting to surface with respect to the blackmail of Yeltsin and the attempt to take over Russia during the 2000 election. Now the former British National Crime Agency international corruption boss, Jon Benton, says he was ordered to stop an investigation into Russian money laundering. He was the head of […] read more

The most VALUABLE lesson we can teach our children is HOW TO THINK – not what to think

COMMENT: Good day Sir; How in the world do you do it? It is one thing to develop Socrates and assist clients, but yet another to keep up with and tie in the global events to the waves. I know you don’t sleep much Martin but I have not been dressed in a week and still I […] read more

Deep State Using Discredit Strategy to Drive Trump from Office to What End?

QUESTION: With Bob Woodward joining the plot to overthrow Trump, do you think he can survive? KA ANSWER: No. Woodward says he recorded all his interviews. I do not see him as just making this up with a personal opinion. That does not say what he has been told is true. It is unlikely that […] read more

What Politics Regards us as the Great Unwashed & We the Subjects not People

Many questions have come in about connecting the dots. I want to explain a critical point. Both Democrats & Republicans have one thing in common. They do not consider us “We the People” but rather “We the Subjects” which is a significant difference for we are also the Great Unwashed. Both John McCain & John […] read more

The 3rd Film on the Magnitsky Affair

    There is also a third film produced which ties Browder, Safra, Magnitsky, and Berezovksy all together and there have been critics of this as well. Something is very strange why this affair ever rose to the level of passing the Magnitsky Act. This appears to be a false flag to demonize Putin and thereby all Russians […] read more

Why Has the Magnitsky Film Been Banned in USA & Europe?

The Magnitsky Act Behind the Scenes has been pulled from everywhere. You do not ban a film in Europe and the United States if it is wrong. This is perhaps a huge cover-up that goes really beyond comprehension. The film was funded by ZDF TV in Europe and they have the power to prevent it from […] read more

Magnitsky Affair & the Murder of Edmond Safra in Monaco

QUESTION: Dear Mr Amstrong, Following up on the Magnitsky Affair, you might be in a position to answer a question which has always puzzled me : Has Edmond Safra been murdered by the Russians instead of having died accidentally in his burning flat in Monaco? What is you opinion? Many thanks, VP ANSWER: I knew Dominick […] read more

Magnitsky Act & the Strange Backdrop

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong – thanks for your efforts on providing us with links to the Magnitski video. I began watching the video last night and then came back to it this morning and was truly amazed that the link was no longer active. I’m curious. Was Magnitski ever charged with anything and or why were they […] read more

Interview on the Magnitsky Film

Browder is doing Everything to Ban the Film Worldwide read more

Why is Former Ambassador Refusing to be Questioned by Russians?

John McCain is one politician I have no respect for whatsoever. My opinion of him was formed before his war against Trump. His background many have viewed as a real traitor who sought to save himself compared to Snowden all the way to being of highly questionable character given he was responsible for the death of so […] read more