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Browder Pushing Illegal Seizures Worldwide

Browder Admits he Lost 90% in 1998 Russian Collapse

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Russia Starts Criminal Investigation of Browder While US Deep State Protects him

The Russians present 1,000 pages of documentation on Browder to which the United States has refused to even respond.  The curious thing here is Browder regularly appears on US TV bashing Putin and is being protected by the US Deep State, yet he resigned his American citizenship to avoid taxes. Why would the US protect […] read more

Did Browder Have Magnitsky Killed?

The Russian prosecutors on Monday has begun a criminal investigation into Bill Browder of ordering the murder of accountant Sergei Magnitsky and several other business associates. Anyone who has watched the banned film on Magnitsky is left with that very impression that something is not quite right. It really made no sense for Putin to kill […] read more

Browder – Russia – Trump – Safra

William Felix Browder is all over the news trying to play into the whole Russian/Trump affair muddling the waters. Browder founded Hermitage Capital to invest exclusively in Russian companies. Edmond Safra, the notorious banker who was the center of what was called the Money Plane, put in $25m of seed capital for Hermitage Capital and Safra’s Republic […] read more

The New World – Alternative Order

Well, the Goldbugs are out in force claiming that Putin is creating a Moscow World Standard for gold. These people will never learn that their dream of some fixed gold standard has always collapsed throughout history. They have never played in the big leagues and consequently, they do not even understand the rules of the […] read more

Soros Promoting World War III – Let’s Go!

  The pieces are starting to come together in this grand plot to fulfill George Soros’ dream – One World Government. After Soros’ speech at Davos, there are a lot of people of all faiths flocking to a Catholic Church to light a candle and pray for the rapid death of this cantankerous ‘old codger’ who […] read more

Should Russian Oligarchs Fund Ukraine?

As the war in Ukraine continues, so does the need for funding. Zelensky’s people are now asking for $7 billion in funding per month. The World Bank estimates that it will cost $60 billion to rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure and the war is still ongoing. Managing Director of the IMF Kristalina Georgieva said they secured the […] read more

The Truth Behind Ukraine v Russia – Is the Evil Within?

  Back in 2014, the people were upset that the US was selecting the new leadership following the fall of Yanukovich. They were told if they revolted against the new regime, that they would receive no support from the West. The revolution was the people but everyone from the US to George Soros were desperately […] read more

Has Biden Unknowingly Begun World War III in Financial Markets?

We have a very serious problem. I know where the advice to Biden and other world leaders is coming from, as they are telling them to seize all the assets of Putin’s “friends” to put pressure on him — their yachts, bank accounts, houses… everything. It is Bill Browder who was Safra’s partner in Hermitage […] read more