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Has Biden Unknowingly Begun World War III in Financial Markets?

We have a very serious problem. I know where the advice to Biden and other world leaders is coming from, as they are telling them to seize all the assets of Putin’s “friends” to put pressure on him — their yachts, bank accounts, houses… everything. It is Bill Browder who was Safra’s partner in Hermitage […] read more

The Real Backdrop Nobody Will Discuss

  The only way to avoid World War III is to listen to both sides. The refusal to listen ensures that we will move into World War III, and this is not my opinion; unfortunately, our computer has never been wrong, for it is unbiased. It called BREXIT when nobody else did, and also forecast […] read more

US v Russia & Ukraine The Real Backdrop

Let’s follow the money. Ever since the United States under the Clintons sanctioned the NY bankers to try to take over Russia with their own puppet, Boris Berezovsky, there has been a direct unspoken World War III that began in the financial markets. I was personally asked to invest $10 billion into Safra & Browder’s […] read more

Durham is only Scratching the Surface of Hillary

I found myself in the middle of a political scandal that nobody in the West was willing to dare write about – more dirt on the Clintons. Even now with the breaking news that Special Counsel John Durham in a filing related to a criminal charge brought against Michael Sussman, an attorney for Hillary Clinton’s […] read more

Gates – Gore – Epstein

QUESTION: Can you verify your sources on Gates and Epstein’s meeting with the head of the Nobel Prize? I have never heard anything about Al Gore acting improperly. Are there sources on that as well? GH ANSWER: I think the problem is that the American press protects the democrats and has been protecting Bill Gates […] read more

There are TWO MAJOR types of People who Want to be President

COMMENT: For months now you have been saying that these elections will be the most corrupt ever (‘Our Model still shows a Trump Victory if it is a legitimate election’). Trump is repeating this message as well and obviously his voters have been indoctrinated as well. So far, no evidence whatsoever, just heating up emotions. […] read more

The 2016 Soft Coup Unraveling

The Coup Against Trump because he was anti-war and “not one of us” is unraveling deeper and deeper corruption which is leading right to Gina Haspel who is the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). They have contrived fake news and used it to go after everyone around Trump to disrupt his administration. Flynn […] read more

Deutsche Bank & Jeffrey Epstein

The mystery of Jeffrey Epstein, which extends beyond the sex with underage girls, has been just exactly where did his money come from? I have stated that I believe what truly lurked behind the surface was an attempt to entrap powerful people for the sole purpose of blackmail. Recently released transcripts show that he did […] read more

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested – Clinton’s & Epstein’s Lover

Here we go again. The FBI has just arrested Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and alleged procurer Ghislaine Maxwell on charges related to a probe by New York federal prosecutors into his alleged rampant serial sexual abuse of young girls and women. Will Maxwell also commit suicide? Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Robert Maxwell MC (1923– […] read more

IMPEACHMENT – Big Risk for Democrats

The House vote on impeaching Trump may be the stake through the heart of the Democratic Party. Most of the people newly elected were extremely left and they remain vulnerable when they barely made it to Congress, like AOC whose approval rating is just 31%. This will be a test for the moderates v the […] read more