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Clinton Witness Removal Program?

There have been countless stories of how Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons would fly around and go off to his secret places. When federal prosecutors announced sex trafficking charges against Jeffrey Epstein this week, they described him as “a man of nearly infinite means.” They argued that his vast wealth — and his two private […] read more

Conspiracy Against Trump

QUESTION: Are you familiar with Qanon and if so what are your thoughts. KJF ANSWER: No I do not believe it. That is a conspiracy theory that there is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world, essentially, and they control everything. They control politicians, and they control the media. They control Hollywood, […] read more

Hillary & the Conspiracy of Relentless Suicides

The real test will be if Ghislaine Maxwell ends up mysteriously dead now that she has been at least seen in Los Angeles. Then the talk that Jeffrey Epstein spent hours alone with a mysterious pretty woman in lockup according to another attorney who withheld his name, demonstrates how over the top things can get. […] read more


People who stand up to the overwhelming corruption that has seized control of our lives through the offices of government are demonized, arrested, killed, or thrown in prison on charges that make no sense and they are always denied a trial. Michael Mahon Hastings (1980–2013) was a journalist who was a vocal critic of the […] read more

US & British Are Torturing Julian Assange With Intent to Kill Him

The US prosecutors are conspiring with the British to ensure that Julian Assange never goes to trial and what is taking place is the collapse of civility and Justice which has become sheer vengeance and political prosecution. The British will not allow independent doctors to visit Assange meanwhile they have been keeping him like Jeffrey […] read more

Washington Post Praying for a Recession to Defeat Trump

It has become obvious that the mainstream press is FAKE NEWS. They are indeed out to get Trump and are using their position to desperately try to support the bureaucracy. The Washington Post has run a story stating Trump is wrong about the strength of the US economy. They claim his own advisors are warning […] read more

Bill Gates Has Been Controlling WHO

  We have a major crisis on our hands. Bill Gates is a VERY SERIOUS threat to not just the world economy, but to world peace. He has been using a loophole that allows health organizations to appear to be government agencies but are not independent and have been actually controlled by Gates. You will […] read more

COMEY & the Unconstitutional Antics of the NY Courts

QUESTION: I remember watching a documentary about you where none other than James Comey put you in jail illegally and forced you to admit guilt to some nonsense. Similar to what happened to General Flynn in recent years. Now that the deep state is being dismantled, do you plan on filing a lawsuit against the […] read more

Understanding the Repo Crisis

COMMENT: Marty, thank you for a great conference. The comments out there on the liquidity crisis have been just domestically focused. Thank you for keeping my eyes focused on international events and your analysis about the crisis at Deutsche Bank GH REPLY: The raid on Deutsche Bank in Germany back in September over the money […] read more

Taxpayers Have Been Paying for Sexual Harassment by Politicians

Believe it or not, those who make the laws have always excluded themselves from them in most cases such as insider trading in stocks to settlements for their personal conduct like sexual harassment. At last, the House finally passed a bill that requires members of Congress to pay out of their own pockets for any […] read more