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European Banking Crisis

European banks are in a real crisis. They have been decimated by fines and trading after they tried to mimic their New York competition without the same expertise. Then they had to use euro debt of member states as reserves. Next came the rising taxes and the push to enforce taxation which has seriously harmed […] read more

Central Banks & Corporations to Sue Major Banks Over the Currency Manipulations

An American law firm is planning a class action suit in Europe against the major banks involved in the currency manipulations. These banks have already paid billions in fines; now comes the lawsuits. If they stay out of New York City, they might get a real court to go after the bankers. The lawyers have […] read more

As we Begin 2016, Europe’s Banking Crisis Is Still In Motion

The banks of Hungary and Portugal are in trouble. Larger buffers are needed and the economy has not yet moved into a full crisis mode. That is yet to come. read more

Europe to End FDIC Insurance System for Banks?

So what is the purpose of paying taxes? It was supposed to be about protecting society, but politicians are bribed to allow the banks to do as they like with other peopleā€™s money. The whole system of insuring the people to create confidence goes out the window when those protections cost too much. It was […] read more

German and Spanish Key Banks Fail US Stress Tests

Santander and Deutsche Bank have failed a US “stress test” designed to assess whether lenders can withstand another financial crisis and can continue to lend during a financial crisis. The bleak outlook for Europe is really bad. The Euro held out reversal at 10546 closing the day in New York at 10549. We have a […] read more

Italian Police Defuse Bomb Placed in Front of German Bank

The Italian police on Monday defused a bomb foundĀ outside a branch of Deutsche Bank, a German commercial bank, inĀ Naples.Ā The device, containing about a kilogram of explosives, had beenĀ primed to explode but failed to detonate, the ANSA news agencyĀ said, quoting police sources.Ā A water cannon was used in the operation to make the device safe,Ā ANSA said.Ā It had […] read more

Alayne Fleischmann – the Snowden of NY Banking

  Alayne Fleischmann Matt Taibbi has returned to the Rolling Stone and his first piece out the door is on the real story behind the fake $13 billion settlement with JP Morgan Chase deal to cover up alleged criminal activity sanctioned by Eric Holder and the Department of Justice. Taibbi had to leaveĀ First Look media […] read more

Draghi – Negative Interest Rates pass-on by German Banks

Those in government maintain a completely delusional view of the world which is the central part of the crisis that we face. Everyone else pays the price for it and this is no longer justĀ brilliantly entertaining. This modern-day monetary delusion persists both inside central banks as well as within the halls of the elected representative […] read more

The Suicides in Banks Keep Increasing

  Deutsche Bank Frankfurt A senior New York lawyer at Deutsche Bank has been found dead.Ā The circumstances pointed to a suicide. The 41-year-old had been found hung on a staircase railing by his wife on Monday.Ā He was involved in the litigation of the bank scandal involving interest rate and foreign exchange market manipulation. He was […] read more

Bank Runs in Bulgaria

The financial system is simply imploding because those running the affairs of government are more concerned about retaining power than providing economic stability. There are people who are so polarized on each sideĀ of many issues from hyperinflation, global elites, socialists hating the rich, communists who see capitalism as evil, and politicians who blame tax avoiders. […] read more