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Deutsche Bank CEO Says a Recession is Inevitable

Yet another head of the financial system is coming out and warning that a recession is inevitable. Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing echoed the words of BoE’s Governor Andrew Bailey and blamed the coming recession on the war in Ukraine. “We will no longer be able to avert a recession in Germany. Yet we believe […] read more

Deutsche Bank & Jeffrey Epstein

The mystery of Jeffrey Epstein, which extends beyond the sex with underage girls, has been just exactly where did his money come from? I have stated that I believe what truly lurked behind the surface was an attempt to entrap powerful people for the sole purpose of blackmail. Recently released transcripts show that he did […] read more

Deutsche bank to Merge with Commerzbank Bank

Deutsche Bank is in crisis and everyone has known that. Its derivative book is hard to quantify what is the real net bottom line. The only bank it could have been merged with was BNP but that was French and they cannot allow cross-border capital flows in bailouts. That left Commerzbank Bank, but they too […] read more

Deutsche Bank Formally Classified as a Problem Bank

  Deutsche Bank has now been classified as a problem bank by FDIC and has been included in a list of banks to be watched. This is the biggest bank in Europe. It cannot be merged within Germany with Commerce Bank for there is just not enough equity to overcome the derivative losses. The only other […] read more

Understanding Deutsche Bank’s Possible Bail-in

Chancellor Merkel cannot afford to bailout Deutsche Bank from the point of view of a conflict perspective within the EU since she has taken such and intolerable hard line in the Italian bank rescue not to mention Greece. Merkel fails to understand that the very pretense of government was to protect the people. Taking their savings […] read more

Deutsche Bank – The Meltdown Crisis

Ten of the large hedge funds are withdrawing from Deutsche Bank. What must be understood here is that Deutsche Bank is the main clearing house for trades in Europe. The problem the hedge funds have is where do they move for clearing? Short-term, they can move to New York or London. With over $60 trillion […] read more

Deutsche Bank Continues its Exit From Markets

Deutsche Bank sold off its gold storage facility in London as it continues to exit from the financial markets and contracts back to being a core bank. The gold vault was bought by the world’s largest bank in terms of market value and assets under management, which believe it or not, is now the Industrial […] read more

Deutsche Bank to Post 6.2 Billion Euro Loss for 3rd Quarter

Deutsche Bank warns investors it will post nearly a $7 billion loss for the 3rd quarter alone. This is a staggering loss on a quarterly basis. read more

Deutsche Bank Is Part of the Euro Crisis

QUESTION: Do you think they will allow Deutsche Bank to fail? ANSWER: This is why the central bank of Germany advised the ECB to hide the stress test results from the public. This is, at least in part, why the Fed did not raise rates at this moment. There is serious trouble on the horizon. They cannot prevent […] read more

Deutsche Bank – the New Lehman Brothers?

The rumor mill has been nonstop. The crushing blow to Europe will be the failure of Germany’s biggest bank: Deutsche Bank. Just about every circle is quietly discussing how the bank is facing bankruptcy. The rumors have flown since March when Deutsche Bank failed the U.S. regulatory stress test, which was followed by the resignation […] read more