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Track Record for the Fund We Managed for Deutsche Bank

Our Track Record Trading for Deutsche Bank Public Fund

Many people have asked to see the track record when we use to trade public hedge funds for which I was named Hedge Fund Manager of the Year. This was a special fund. It was the ONLY regulated onshore hedge fund that Deutsche Bank negotiated with the Australian Government. CVs had to be produced for […] read more

Deutsche Bank and Magnum

QUESTION: I invested in your public funds at Deutsche Bank and Magnum. Your performance was unbelievable. Will you ever manage money again? We could really use you now. Best regards; GH ANSWER: No. That is really a 7 day a week job 21 hours on call and I still have a hard time sleeping more […] read more

Beware the United Nations, IMF, WHO, World Bank, and BIS

People must understand that just as a small business wants to expand and grow bigger, that same human tendency exists in government. No matter what form, they will always try to expand their power. The United Nations has been the greatest threat to humanity since Adolf Hitler. They have justified expanding their dreams of world […] read more

Will Big Tech Replace all the Banks?

COMMENT: Marty, It’s now so obvious…but no one has more to gain with the lockdown(and more to lose with its lifting) than Big Tech. The lockdown destroyed small and medium sized business, especially those that are in private hands. These were the real target of the lockdown…private property….collapse these businesses and you go at the […] read more

Leaked files Expose $2.7 trillion Money Laundering by Big Banks

The leaked files have revealed that about $US2.7 trillion in suspected dirty money moving through the global financial system. Because bankers are never prosecuted individually, they will do whatever they can without worry that they will ever be prosecuted and in the meantime, they get huge personal bonuses. If they get caught, the bank pays […] read more

Coronavirus Bankruptcy Pandemic

The Coronavirus Bankruptcy Pandemic will terminate more jobs than people who were ever hospitalized with the virus. Of the 125 restaurant or retail companies tracked by S&P Global Ratings, about 30% now have a credit rating that indicates they have at least a 1-in-2 chance of defaulting on their debts, which is often a precursor […] read more

US Banks v Foreign Branches of US Banks

QUESTION: Marty, finally we decided to open a bank account in the USA which is not part of the CRS. But now we do not know which US-bank is safe enough and where to go! You mentioned that Goldmann Sachs, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase have derivative exposure linked back […] read more

Liquidity Crisis & the Pending European Banking Crisis

  A lot of people have been writing in about the liquidity crisis and the banks with exposure to Deutsche Bank. This is clearly the European Banking Crisis we have been warning about. Most European (and Swiss) banks are having to overpay 30-40bps over libor. Even A+ rated banks are having to pay this premium.   […] read more

German Government Approves a Merger of Banks

Deutsche Bank and Commerce Bank have announced that they will begin merger talks after the government has finally approved that they can lay off workers. For those unfamiliar with the real world behind the curtain, you must realize the extent of socialism in Europe. A major telecom company in Germany called me and asked me […] read more